15 Questions Property Management Execs Should Be Asking Payment Providers

The right partner can offer convenient online payment options to residents while keeping costs down and minimizing risk for property owners and managers. Here’s a checklist to make sure you get the most value from your current payment provider. 

Payment Options 

  • Are you able to accept 100% of rent payments digitally?
  • Do you offer a certified payment option to ensure bank funds are verified before they hit my ledger?
  • Do you offer both mobile check payment and traditional check scanning capabilities?
  • Can unbanked residents apply cash payments to their account via services like MoneyGram?
  • Do you offer the ability to automate credit card and ACH payments?

Manager Features

  • Do you offer automated logic to modify payment options based on resident status and timing?
  • Does your system allow multiple roommates to have individual accounts?
  • What are your fees for platform use and/or ACH payments? Are there any other fees?

Customer Service

  • Do you offer live support for our on-site teams? 
  • Do you have assigned account managers and live training for additional support?
  • Do you provide rent reminder emails sent free of charge each month?
  • Do you have 24/7 bilingual support for residents?

Chargeback Protection

  • Do you offer free credit card chargeback protection? 
  • What support do you offer for handling chargebacks? 
  • How long does it take to successfully resolve a chargeback? 

Depending on the answers to these questions, it might be time to review your payment partner options. If you’d like to see Domuso’s answers to these questions, let us know!



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