There’s a better way to collect rent.

Switch to the truly digital payment platform for the multifamily industry.

  • Streamlined - remove paper payments from the leasing office and reassign managers to more profitable tasks
  • Certified - eliminate chargeback risk and money orders with Online Certified payments and Mobile Check Pay
  • Comprehensive - improve resident engagement with the most payment options and the industry’s leading digital adoption program 
  • Efficient - expedite digital acceleration with improved operational efficiency and portfolio profitability
  • Integrated - easily connect to existing property management platforms and accounting systems with minimal disruption

As multifamily operations evolve and operators are finally able to get rid of the check scanners that have made property management's job that much more difficult, we are rarely asked for advice on what to do with old scanners. We can only assume this is what is going on behind the scenes.

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Get to know the truly digital payment platform for multifamily operators. 




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