Three Can't-Miss Takeaways from Apartmentalize 2019

D-GK7ouUEAABWAkWe were thrilled to present our innovative payment solutions at the National Apartment Association’s annual Apartmentalize Expo & Conference in Denver last week.

Beyond the dealmaking on the showroom floor, there was a vibrant exchange of ideas and information throughout the Colorado Convention Center. These are our three most important takeaways from the conference:


One of the most prevalent topics of discussion was around ways to add extra conveniences for multifamily residents. From the removal of outdated protocols to making management processes digital and more mobile-friendly, there was no shortage of ideas and vendors to help make residents’ lives easier.


With rent prices on the rise and new rental inventory popping up across the US, property managers need to find an edge to attract and retain renters. This can include upgraded amenities, seamless rent payment technology and financial amenities like those offered by Domuso and new ways for residents to connect directly with management.


Delivering automated services, for residents and managers alike, was a major theme this year. Whether it involved smart-home technology, easy digital rent payment management software or underwriting acquisition processes, the industry is increasingly looking to technology-first approaches for their sales, maintenance and management practices.

Renters pay close attention to property marketing and property owners and managers looked to Apartmentalize for new ways to counter the competition.

To learn more about how Domuso is changing the way multifamily property operators are automating payments and streamlining their operations, take a look around the site, or click here to schedule a demo.

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